What would Hemingway do?

As the bank holiday rain persists into the rest of the working week my mind wanders to Spain. On the southern coast in particular the light there is so clear and dry. Hemingway found it the ideal place to write. Although as a vegan I would take no part in his glorification of bullfighting, I do admire his prose.

Luckily when it comes to our own writing we can now all pose the question what would Hemingway do? and get some useful answers. Thanks to the joys of the algorithm and the internet there is a handy app, available free on the web or as a download for just a few dollars, that can parse your sentences and pull out the padding and obfuscation for you.

Just head over to www.hemingwayapp.com and paste a bunch of words onto the page. The virtual editor will pull you up on your over-use of adverbs, hard to read sentence construction, and excessive passive voice.

While Hemingway is hard at work on your behalf (the app not the man) you can grab the nth cup of tea to stave off those August winter blues. Excuse me while I just pop the kettle on.

By the way, this piece scored a Grade 8 on the app’s readability scale, which it considers to be good.

Thanks Ernie.


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