If you’re going…

…as the old song says, to San Francisco, you’d better put on your sharpest suit, prep your talk, and – I think – ditch the slides.

Now’s the time to submit a proposal for the International Association of Business Communicators’ World Conference. It takes place 14-17 June 2015, but the call for speaker proposals closes next week.

Attending such a long-standing, prestigious, international conference is a great way to network, learn and get yourself known in the global business communications world. And if you have an idea for a session that will take this year’s theme of ‘Changing the landscape, informing the future’ into new territory, you should get your proposal in via the online submissions site before the deadline next Tuesday, 30 September.

I should declare an interest here: I am a member of the Program Advisory Committee. I look forward to seeing some innovative and interesting ideas from you.

The theme is an important one. The comms landscape has been shifting for some time, and the future, as William Gibson so aptly put it, is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed. But even in places where the future is ‘here’ it’s amenable to change, because we create the future through the choices we make now.

Going to San Francisco next June would be a good choice. Making a thrilling presentation, especially without the dreaded slideware, could be a great one.

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