A stock that keeps rising

That’s our Wordstock, an all-dayer of words, ideas, entertainment, and more. Now in its fourth year, and featuring a line-up that won’t just raise an eyebrow, it’ll have somebody’s eye out, this unique event brings together an eclectic and extraordinary line-up. Andy Serkis. Alex Garland. Ministry of Stories. Adrian Hon. The near-legendary book swap. It goes on and on. It’s brought to you by 26, a network for people who love words. I can’t recommend it highly enough, so book now to avoid disappointment.

It should warm you up nicely for a panel discussion the following week, in which I declare an interest as one of the panelists. Overcoming Barriers to Innovation will be a fascinating discussion featuring innovation expert Cesar Lastra, Dik Veenman, founder of The Right Conversation, and psychologist Gorkan Ahmetoglu. This is an IABC UK event that will be of interest far beyond business communication circles. I look forward to seeing you at one or both of these splendid events.

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