I’ve been a member of IABC for a dozen years or more, and it has become like an extended family. I have made friends, colleagues, and contacts across the world, and that’s not even the main reason I joined (I was just curious…).

But it has become the most important aspect of a membership that continues to be valuable at a time when the whole ethos of volunteer membership is under immense pressure, as it has been for many years.

I remember my boss at the Association of Commonwealth Universities starting a speech at an event in Vancouver in 1999 with the words “I’m here to tell you that the concept of a university is problematic as we enter the twenty-first century. And, indeed, so is the concept of the Commonwealth. As for ‘Associations’…”

We live in an age when things are assumed to be broken even when they work fine (if you have any kind of digital device that’s more than two years old you’ll know what I mean).

Everything needs an upgrade and, it seems, the upgrading is endless. Fine. Let’s do it. But let’s remember that we’re part of that process and need upgrading too. That’s why professional development events still work. Sure, they can always be improved. But they can’t be ignored.

On April 13 and 14 2015 EuroComm, IABC’s flagship pan-European event, lands in London at the ultra-cool London College of Communication.The programme is wide-ranging and eclectic and the networking will be fabulous.

Catch up with the story so far, check out the amazing speaker list, and grab yourself a ticket before they all go.

I’m looking forward to some (more) essential associating…


Horsing around with Suzanne Salvo at EuroComm2013 in Brussels



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