Quick! It’s Rápido time!

With EuroComm only a few weeks away, attention naturally turns to the IABC Rápido presentation format, an innovative conference offering that promotes the democratisation of professional development events by inviting fee-paying conference delegates who aren’t on the speaker list up onto the main stage to tell their stories.

Drawing inspiration from formats like pecha kucha and TED Talks, Rápido adds a strict five-minute time limit and a curatorial approach to combining the various participants’ content that makes the whole experience hang together like pictures at an exhibition. Having premiered in Brussels a couple of years ago, Rápido has taken the (IABC) world by storm, featuring at events in London, Paris, and Toronto, and in June this year it will hit new heights in IABC’s home town, San Francisco.

If you want to play in the Rápido park, either at EuroComm (London April 13-14) or World Conference (San Francisco June 14-17) then you better let the creator, curator, and host know. Full disclosure: that’s me.

Winston Churchill

Ah, democracy! The worst form of government, except for all the others…

3 thoughts on “Quick! It’s Rápido time!

  1. Hi Ezri, I’m looking forward to attending #Eurocomm and am also intending to put my hat in the ring for a Rápido session.
    I just had a thought – would IABC consider live steaming the sessions e.g. via Meerkat? Could be a good way to provide glimpse into the conversations.

    See you in a few weeks, Rachel


    • Hi Rachel, I look forward to your Rápido idea! I’m not sure what the situation is regarding streaming but I will pass the suggestion to the conference chair. See you soon 🙂


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