Sci fi meets brain sci

In recent months I have enjoyed (under the cover of accompanying my 14-year-old son) several sci-fi movies focused on artificial intelligence. They all feature the cross-over point when artificial or enhanced human intelligence takes over the world – Transcendence, Lucy, Automata, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ex Machina, and so on. The genre has a venerable history, of course, dating back to Karel Capek’s 1921 classic Rossum’s Universal Robots. After the latest movie my son asked me why there are so many of these stories around at the moment. Perhaps this article from Wired provides part of the answer: we are getting closer to understanding the brain sufficiently well to be able to synthesize it. That’s where the fun begins…

Ezri and cyborg

Me with a cyborg at Star Trek: Destination London in 2013. That’s me on the left.

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