From Rápido to Rápido…

Just four months ago I hosted an anarchic yet highly instructive Rápido session for IABC’s World Conference in San Francisco. This is how the show ended (with thanks to @IABC_be!).

The presenters covered everything from BP’s reputation crisis to rude travellers, and from Surrealist art to talking like a jock (as in, American sports enthusiast…). We had great fun and the audience feedback, as ever, was wonderful. There’s definitely something about the Rápido format, with its combination of creativity, curation, and time constraint, that really cuts through.

This week I’m in Brussels, about to host what promises to be a different, but equally eclectic, session for EuroPCom, a conference of public communicators from around Europe run by the Committee of the Regions. This time our theme is ‘What makes us feel European?’ Again, with a very varied roster I’m expecting plenty of food for thought.

You can join us remotely if you’re not here in Brussels. Just visit the EuroPCom page at 12.30 Central European Time (11.30 UK time) on Thursday 22 October 2015. If that date has already past, don’t fret – the recording should still be available. Enjoy!

Rápido presenters prepare to go on stage

Rápidistas getting ready in San Francisco.

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