Schrödinger’s Brexit

Oh dear, the Europhobes who have driven us out of the EU won’t like this at all. It’s about the Copenhagen interpretation of one of Einstein’s more complex papers (co-authored with Podolsky and Rosen). Gevalt! – as he might have said – Einstein was, of course, an immigrant. Brexit Britain will be having none of that.

Nonetheless, the famous thought experiment devised by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger*, in which the cat in the box is both alive and dead at the same time, provides a useful analogy for the state of Britain today. Particularly in the terms presented by the ‘Leave’ campaign’s majordomo in a well-known UK newspaper.

Apparently, or so the frantically back-pedalling Brexitmeister would have us believe, we can be both in and out of Europe at the same time. Genius! Applying quantum uncertainty principles to EU membership! No wonder he’s called the ‘blond bombshell’. Hydrogen or neutron, I wonder?**

Schrödinger is credited with a neologism which I wish to adopt as encapsulating our condition in the unfolding post-referendum nightmare – Verschränkung. It means ‘entanglement’.

Someone call the Doctor!


Image: Schrödinger’s Brexit by Ezri Carlebach. Composite of public domain images.

*ouch, another EU reference – sorry, Brexiters!

**to quote another apposite song, The Push and the Shove by the Golden Palominos, sure I’m angry.

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